Working Areas Building PT systems Construction Methods

The post-tensioning in buildings does not have the same economic justification as the post-tensioning in large structures

Standard Cycle: 7 days (Formwork installation- stripping)
One formwork equipment only (+15%) for each working front
Stressing at 18-20MPa
Pouring Thursday-Friday, concrete hardening during the weekend
Conception of specific post-tensioning for simple and fast placing on site (Natural Cable)
Concreting by pours with active joints (cables through joints), reduction of pouring strips, shrinkage compensation with the post-tensioning
Conception of passive rebar with pre-assembled cages/standard welded meshes (Crane installation)

Building post-tensioning: 50% economy in materials/ 50% construction methods

Fast cycle: 3-4 days (flying forms w/o high performance concrete)
Formwork directly supported in columns / walls (without loads in bottom slab)
Partial stressing at 12MPa to free tables
Efficient combination with VF-SLIM (less self-weight, less post-tensioning effort in the stressing for formwork stripping, less punching shear)

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